February 23, 2013

Between The Line.

that what people always do.
read for just a read .
its a waste.

lets take an example.by myself.
i read a novel.the one that im not interested in.and i read it just because.
not because i wanna know its timeline.
not because i wanna know whats going on.what it is about.or maybe wanna know the author' type.
not..not even one of the reason.
it just..im boring..so i read..as simple as that.
and seriously..i get NOTHING.

after that...my friend reads the same book..so,i just saying that i had read it.
and she is trying to build up a conversation bout that book.
but..sorry...i know nothing.

the question here is.
what the point i read that book if i get nothing?
so...dont waste your time by doing something that you never had a feeling to do that.
because...its obviously wasting yr time.

and the best thing to do is.
read between the line.
in anything that we are  doing.

sebab soon,we gonna think outside the box.
ye la..
sbb kita x ambik one thing tu straight forward.
we keep on thinking sebelum hadam satu2 bende terus masuk jiwa.
so then..neuron2 dalam otak keep on connected each other and we gonna get what others didnt reach on it yet.
its awesome.aite?

mencuba itu seronok.
mencuba itu membuka impak maksima.
mencuba tidak membazirkan neuron.


until then,S.A.L.A.M =) 


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